Roamer as a Tool of Culture

Catlin, D.  Smith, J.L. Morrison, K. (2012) Using Educational Robots as Tools of Cultural Expression: A Report on a Project with Indigenous Communities

A paper presented at the RiE2012 3rd International Conference on Robotics in Education 13 – 15 September 2012 Prague,  Czech Republic

This paper reports on the use of educational robots with indigenous people.  It shows how effective educational robots are at providing tools of self expression and act as a bridge between the modern world and the traditions of Native peoples.  The original work first took place with Maoris in New Zealand.  A similar, independent project, run by the Native American Sqauxin People of Puget Sound, a Sovereign Nation in Washington State, embraced the understandings developed in New Zealand. Following a description of the project, we will evaluate the educational effectiveness of the project ERA (Educational Robotic Applications) Principles [Catlin and Blamires 2010].  We will also discuss the value of ERA as a helpful tool for understanding educational robotics

Catlin, D. and Blamires, M. (2010) The Principles of Educational Robotic Applications (ERA): A framework for understanding and developing educational robots and their activities.  Proceedings of Constructionism 2010, Paris

Access the full paper on the RiE 2012 Proceedings

See Picture Story of this project.


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