Introducing Roamer

Presenting the New Roamer

Launched in 1989, the Classic Roamer is no more.  We have put our 30 years of practical classroom experience of educational robotics into this new device.

Roamer, Educational Robot, Valiant Technology, Valiant USA, Teaching with Robots, TWR, Turtle, LogoSome of Roamer’s new features and benefits.

    • Changeable Keypads – Scaffolds the learning process, allows you to gradually introduce programming concepts and increase the challenges to meet your students growing needs and abilities
    • Roamer talks – provides assistance with programming and adds new possibilities to activities
    • Increased functionality -means a wider range of activities and challenges
    • Smaller size – Roamer is suitable for the table top but can still be used on the floor allowing students to “play turtle” – the powerful body centred, kinaesthetic approach to learning
    • AA batteries so no lost lesson time if the robot has not been charged just change the batteries and away you go.
    • Neutral look – no gender or cultural bias, children are empowered to create characters
    • Input and Output Ports – allows the robot to control lights, motors, sensors – even you the youngest children can program – turn on the lights
    • Accurate Turning – Roamer is designed to turn accurately and its precision  can be calibrated, turn 90 means turn 90!
    • Free Roamer User Group – All users can join the Roamer User Group which provides access to free online training, access to the free activity library useful free downloads and many other benefits including members special price offering
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