Can Roamer Help Improve Your Memory?

After looking at 2808 playing cards (54 packs) once, eight times World Memory champion Dominic O’Brien correctly recited their order, making only eight errors, four of which he immediately corrected when told he was wrong.  I met Dominic about 10 years ago, and he explained it was all a matter of technique.  Having studied memory techniques I believe it is possible to use Roamer help students remember factual information.  We are now about to test this idea with the help of Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School.  Today I start to mentor two students as they work to achieve their Gold Crest Award.  Their project, called “Investigations into Memory Enhancment Using Educationa Robots”, aims to develop and test these theories.

Teacher Jocelyn Gordon said, “This is a very fascinating area of research with many potential uses and benefits within an educational setting.  I will be interested to know the outcome of the investigations conducted by our students as to the efficacy of the robot as an aid to memorisation”.

Dave Catlin