A Day in the Life of an Educational Robot

Roamer Research, EDValiant continue their research programme on the use of Roamer and Educational Robots.  Dave Catlin’s paper A Day in the Life of an Educational Robot has been accepted for the RiE 2013 The 4th International Robtics in Education Conference.  The Conference will be held at the Lodz University of Technology, Poland 19th to 20th September 2013.Previous RiE Conferences were held in Bratislava, Vienna and Prague.  Following his contribution at the 2012 Conference, (Using Educational Robots as Tools of Cultural Expression: A Report on a Project with Indigenous Communities) Roamer’s designer Dave Catlin submitted a paper based on recent work at Maple Cross JMI School in Hertsfordshire.

AbstractEducational robots are powerful tools with the potential to make regular contributions to the educational life of a school. For robots to fulfill this role they need integrating into everyday teaching practice. This paper is the first in a series that looks at that process in a specific school.  It reports a first encounter of pupils with Roamer robots as part of a week long project and highlights some assimilation issues. The Educational Robotic Application (ERA) Principles is used as an evaluation framework and to provide data for the e-Robot project, a long term programme aimed validating the ERA Principles.

Following a peer review process the paper has been accepted.  Following the presentation at the conference the paper will be published in JAMRIS: Journal of Automation, Mobile Robotics & Intelligent Systems.

For full conference details follow the link: RiE 2013

GO Magazine: Roamer User Group, RUG, Valiant Technology, Valiant USA, Educational Robots, Roamer

Star Wars in Rickmansworth  A feature article from the Year 5 and 6 Students of Maple Cross Primary JMI School.

Roamer Picture Stories, Educational Robots, Valiant Technology and Valiant USA

Star Wars Roamer  The story of the Star Wars Project in Maple Cross JMI School in pictures.


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